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All of us know that, the only major alternative available to us after the fossil fuel is Wind Energy. This fact has stimulated to make more sighting in this technology. By the means of market trend’s inspiration we started manufacturing of windmill tower since 1994. This has leaded us to productively manufacturing of more than 4000 nos. of Wind Mill Towers. The main tower body is considered to be built from uniform segments where the effective design variables are chosen to be the cross-sectional area,

radius of gyration and height of each segment. The nacelle/rotor combination is regarded as a rigid non-rotating mass attached at the top of the tower. Five optimization strategies are developed and tested. The last one concerning reduction of vibration level by direct maximization of the system natural frequencies works very well and has shown excellent results for both tower alone and the combined tower/rotor model. We have found that, extensive computer experimentation has shown that global optimality is attainable from the proposed discredited model and a new mathematical concept is given for the exact placement of the system frequencies. The normal mode method is applied to obtain forced response for different types of excitations. The optimization problem is formulated as a nonlinear mathematical programming problem solved by the interior penalty function technique.

Custom made towers are offered for wind Electric generator from 225 KW to 1250 KW. Height of tower varies from 30 mts to 65 mts. Raw material is soured from international market and is also processed to international standards. The finish of the product is done as per customer specification from Zn coating, PU plant to hot dip galvanizing.