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Pick one up and you'll see and feel the difference compared to wood or other composite beams. Our Crossarms weigh significantly less than wood beams-with the strength. A closed-cell polyurethane foam fill provides lightweight, field drillable, strength and stability-that also prevents moisture and contamination. From impact-resistant endcaps to patented internal bushings, Our Crossarms are built to last.

Available in braced, center mount and alley arm applications, our Crossarms are sure to have products to fit all situations.

Our wide and exclusive experience in the field of crossarms has inspired us to offer excellent competitive rates to our customers as per their demands.

A huge range of products like Tie Brackets, Crossarms for terminal Poles, Cross arms for intermediate poles, Crossarms for field Isolator, Crossarms for Auto recloser and many more are maintained by us.

We follow International code to satisfy our world-wide customers. For excellent and long life, the material is Hot   Dip Galvanized   or Painted as per the requirement of customer.