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Teckno aims to achieve a remarkable share for renewable energy sources in its overall energy consumption nearer future. The production of this energy will be either concentrated in large plants such as solar fields or distributed worldwide at individual building level. Steel is relevant to reach this goal, as the structure for solar fields or as a support or frame for solar panels (photovoltaic or thermal). Steel is the substrate of choice with promising new technologies that contribute to environmental protection.

In the near future, steel itself will be used to produce energy.  The use of renewable energy resources is increasing rapidly to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.

Extraordinary steel structures are offered for mounting of solar modules from lattice, pipe, hollow section, perlins and sigma profiles to meet the specific requirements of our valuable customers.

The final touch is given by our team with the means of cutting, drilling, welding etc. Finally for a better and long life all structures are hot dip galvanized for 86 to 127 microns.